Our Success Stories

The Skill Development Initiative

We conduct various Skill Training Programs which aims to improve employability and an economic opportunity of the underprivileged segments. Most of the section particularly underprivileged / farmers are in the vicious trap of debt and poverty we know.

Moreover, we also promote various vocational training programs for women’s empowerment. Women of low income group are basically ill treated in nature to our society as a curse. Several limiting factors, such as a lack of entrepreneurial skills and access to capital as well as gender discrimination, have resulted in widespread to poverty, along and a very large gender gap works there with.

Restrictive gender norms can have a damaging effect on women’s independence and self-confidence level, confining them to their homes, and restricting their decision-making power to appeal. To overcome this obstacle, the programme has established a new links to the different doors to open their route and to bring them to help their decision making skills.

Some of the glimpses are illustrated here in below:--

Marium, a lower income minority community girl from very remote area of North 24 Parganas, Who was one of the first batch students of STeP program at Duttapukur Centre, had successfully completed the 4 months skills training program. Beside this, she had completed her college. Her mother encouraged her to pursue her Skills, particularly in English Communication & Computer literacy. This is how she had improved her employability skills and now she is working in the industry in retail sector

She had expressed that “My family became very happy when I had joined this program and they always supported me, especially my mother,” She remembers. “She said that English is very important to our everyday life and when we get familiar with the subject we surely can find a good job!.”

She also added to her sayings “after completion of my 4 months STeP programme, I feel much confident during my interviews days. Now I am at work and I can earn more. Which energies me for a better future to grow.”

Micro-Enterprise Development Program

In an effort to promote inclusive, market-oriented growth and increasing incomes from non-farm activities, the organisation has been providing business support to set up, small and home based enterprises for women, where there is real market demand with huge potential sector – like garments, we have organized a Micro-Enterprise Development Program in association with NABARD.

The basic objective is to develop the Women Self Help Group (SHGs) member in rural areas to stand on their own feet through utilizing their existing skills. Generally, women are having various skills but they require a proper support to explore it. As a voluntary Organization, HMCWRD has arranged training program to impart the required skill and Knowledge based administration, accounting and crediting, marketing a network, to available of the banking facilities etc and is trying to bring them into the development phases.